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Little Leprechaun

When a friend of mine contacted me about making a hat for a colleague’s soon to be born baby, but it had to be Irish, I immediately thought of a leprechaun. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? This friend of mine loved the idea, so I went hunting for patterns.

And hunting… And hunting.

I found a few, but nothing was quite what I had envisaged. So, I decided: “Time to design my own!” And here is the result:

Little Leprechaun on missneriss.com

I’m part way through writing a pattern, then I have to test it (testing should be a cinch as that’s what I’m doing for a living at the moment – software testing), and finally publish it.

Off topic, I spend the majority of my time hanging out on my Facebook page, and on Instagram. There’s something about Instagram that I can’t get enough of. Except the photos of feet. I’m not a fan of all these photos of feet. But, better than the zexy selfies I guess…

Anyway, come join me. I’d love to get to know you better.

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