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Get Set, Go! – Last Dance on the Beach CAL packs on sale Today!

Today’s the day!  Today you can start getting your hands on the yarn packs for the upcoming Last Dance on the Beach CAL that I have the absolute honour of being a part of!

Scheepjes CAL 2016, Last Dance on the Beach. This is the beautiful Dance in the Sea colourway.

There are quite a few places  you can get your hands on the packs still, but hurry.  Seriously, they’ll be sold out faster than Adele concert tix.

If you’re in the Netherlands, head to Caro’s Atelier here in Almere or online to pick up the Colour Crafter pack for 43.40, or the Luxe pack for 159.90.

If you’re in the UK or international (like in Australia – I feel so bad for you guys, having no Scheepjes distributors yet), head to either Wool Warehouse or Deramores.

In the US, head to Paradise Fibers, and in South Africa, Be Inspired has you covered.

Just to remind you, here’s what’s in the kits.

Here's what's inside the Basic and Luxury kits for the Last Dance on the Beach CAL by Scheepjes and Marinke Slump

I don’t know about you, but I want that tote!!

I might have to jump on my bike later and head over to Caro’s Atelier to have a feel…

And if you can’t decide which fibre is right for you, check out this wonderful comparison by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch.  It’ll really help you make up your mind.

What are you still doing here?  Why haven’t you left to order your pack yet?

Oh, and if you want to assemble your own colour packs using Scheepjes yarns, you totally can.  The info on how many balls you’ll need has been released in the Facebook groups just now.  Dutchies head here, and internationals, this one is for you.

Go on, go!

Just a little note: this post does contain a couple of affiliate links.  So if you choose to purchase from Wool Warehouse or Deramores using my links, you’ll be helping me fund my yarn addiction.  Thanks very much for that! X

What? I can Knit???

I don’t know, but I’m finally going to give it a try!

Well, I can knit.  I can knit one, purl one, but I never learned to cast on or off.  Like, just because I can run for the bus, it doesn’t make me a runner, because I can do the very basics, I’m definitely not a knitter…Yet.

I received this fabulous package in the post last week, which contains a knit and crochet pattern using the same yarn with the full intention of crocheting like mad, but the knitted version just spoke to me.  I had to ask my friends on Instagram, knit or crochet?  The resounding response was KNIT!

I love the stripey pattern, and I love the texture as well.  And as it’s really a simple knit a row purl a row with a few increases thrown in it should be totally manageable, right? Right?

So I went out at the weekend and bought myself a pair of knitting needles.  The first pair of needles I have ever owned, and they’re circular to boot!  Nothing like jumping in the deep-end, is there.

I chose Rainforest out of the huge amount of colour combinations, and I’m so happy I did!  Usually I wouldn’t go for green, but that Cruise shade of Invicta Colour was calling my name so I had no choice in the end, really.

I absolutely love the colour selection.  If I hadn’t gone for Rainforest, I would have chosen Fun Fair.  Which would you choose?


But, I haven’t even told you the best bit about these kits yet. A portion of the proceeds from each kit sold are going to KIKA to help in the fight against childhood cancer, so you’ll be helping a great cause as well.

There are stockists all over the Netherlands where you can pick up these fabulous kits.  If you’re local to Almere, buy local too and visit Caro’s Atelier, and if you’re outside Holland, dermamores.com ships worldwide!

Now, to step outside my comfort zone and start knitting.  Yikes!