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Hello Ducky!

I recently joined a lovely Dutch crochet group called “Holland Heeft Haak Talent” and in the week since I joined it has blown up in excitement over the cutest little duckling amigurumi design.  Not wanting to be left out, I had to make one for myself!amigurumi duckling - free design by http://mrsemonessy.de

My daughter actually wanted me to turn him into a Platypus, so the next time I make one I think that’s what I’ll do.  What do you think?  He’ll make a cute Platypus?amigurumi duckling - free design by http://mrsemonessy.de

I used Scheepjes Softfun Denim (505 and 508) that I had leftover from another project, and a 2.5mm hook.  Oh, and I put a little squeaker inside.  So this little guy is the perfect little toy for a newborn who is just learning to explore his fingers and how to hold onto things.  Great bits to chew on and mum or dad can squeak him which always makes babies giggle.amigurumi duckling - free design by http://mrsemonessy.deThe pattern is completely free, and you can pick it up at mrsemonessy.de in English, German, French and Dutch!   There’s also a great (German) Youtube tutorial as well.

Have you made one?  Adorable isn’t it.