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Pinspiration #3

I have an obsession with mug cozies at the moment.  Odd, as we are finally heading towards some warmer weather.  But, as my husband reminds me, this is a great idea as I never finish a cup of tea in one sitting.  It’s nothing for me to microwave my forgotten tea three times before finally abandoning it.

What I would to do be able to sit and savour a cup of hot, milky sweet English breakfast tea….

This one rocks my world.  I just love the sailor tattoo style.  I’m part-way through making something similar, completely coincidentally!

Mom mug cozy

I love the appliqué on this one:

I made one based slightly on this pattern. Quick and easy to work up and looks great when finished:

I just love the colour of this one, but it’s too high. The top is too close to the lip of the cup, so you’ll be sucking on yarn instead of tea:

And this one is just too cool. I love the tea bag attached:


What do you think of mug cozies?  Would you use one?  I know my dad would enjoy it, but I would have to make it to fit a beer can…