Socks for Stools?

I hate our floor.  Hate the timber, hate the colour, hate that it always looks dull and dirty, but marks like these have meant my husband has been dragging his feet on replacing them.Marks on my floor.  Hate them.

That was until I saw this post from Stephanie over at All About Ami:

It was like the heavens opened and a light shone down, telling me exactly what I needed to do to be able to finally get new floors – make chair socks!

So first up is the high chair.  It’s been through many sticky felt bottoms, but they just don’t last, and don’t stick very well to the round feet of the high chair.  I used Zpagetti yarn scraps that I had in the cupboard and just smashed them out.Stool Socks, made with zpagetti yarn on

6 SC into a Magic Ring, then in row two I increased by two (inc, 2SC x2 = 8), then crocheted four more rows of 8SC.  The socks are a tight fit, but that’s what I need so they don’t slip off.

I’m also hoping that the heavy cotton yarn won’t wear out quickly, but when it does, they take less than five minutes and about a metre of yarn to replace.

Too easy, right?  Now to bring up the new floors discussion again…

One response to “Socks for Stools?

  1. That is a fantastic idea! 🙂

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