Yarn Love: Scheepjes Stone Washed

When I first saw photos and posts of this yarn hitting the internet a couple of months ago I knew I had to get my hands on some.  The colours and texture are just so beautiful.

Scheepjes Stone Washed on Pinterest

Image courtesy of Sheepjeswol on Pinterest

So you can imagine just how excited I was when this landed on my doorstep:

Scheepjes Stone Washed in Red Jasper #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashedIt’s all for a big project that I’m working on and can’t wait to get started.

How does it feel? I hear you asking me.  Well, it’s gorgeous.  The yarn is slightly “woolly”, but also has the strength and look of cotton.  The colour is worked around the yarn and is slightly fluffy, and is really effective in its design.  Kudos Scheepjes!

Scheepjes Stone Washed in Red Jasper #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed

This year I’ve moved away from amigurumi a bit and am really into making wearables, and this is no exception!  Having said that, I think this will make great fluffy amis.

Scheepjes Stone Washed in Red Jasper #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed

So what am I going to make?  Well, something completely different – a hoodie!  Ages ago a family member gave me (Dutch) pattern book that is as old as I am and out of the entire book there was one design that I liked and knew I could update.  Problem was, the pattern is jibberish.  Not just because it’s in Dutch – because my Dutch is pretty good – but because the way it’s written makes zero sense.

Vintage hoodie designAt first I tried to translate it, but it just wasn’t working out for me, and the sizing was way out, so it was time to design my own, which called for some (P)inspiration!

It should be great for summer, and will probably be my most daunting project to date.  Not only is it one of the first items of clothing I’ve designed, but it will also be in bigger sizes as I’m making it to fit myself to start with.  All of the ratios are scary when upsizing and downsizing, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Scheepjes Stone Washed in Red Jasper #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #stonewashed

But for now, I’m off to make swatches.  After I’ve finished fondling my new stash…

This colour is Red Jasper (847).


5 responses to “Yarn Love: Scheepjes Stone Washed

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  2. The colour of the yarn is really unique. Good luck with the project.x

  3. Sounds like a great project ~ and lovely yarn!!

  4. Todo es muy bonito, me gusta el hilo

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