Sinterklaas Crochet Cake Pops

This time last year my friend Anel asked me to make some Christmas themed cake pops for her display at the Amsterdam Small Business Network Pop-Up, and when she asked me again this year I jumped at the chance.  Although, instead of Christmas, this year she was going to make Sinterklaas themed cake pops, and could I make something in that vein for her.

But of course!  Cake pops are about the most fun way to eat cake ever, and I just love making the crochet version.

Here’s what I came up with, what do you think?

I especially love the little horse Amerigo, and how cool is it that the crochet cake pops look so much like the real deal?  Not sure I’d like to mix them up the dark if I was sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night for a sneaky cake pop though…

Anel and Little Cakes will be at the ASBN Pop-Up again this weekend, with a sack full of delicious Sinterklaas and Christmas cake pops.  If you’re in Amsterdam, you absolutely must stop by and grab one.  And do your Christmas shopping while you’re there – you’ll have loads of fabulous local business showcasing their wares!

What do you think of last year’s offering?

Should I write patterns for the pops?  Some of them could also double as Christmas tree ornaments, couldn’t they.

Love the photos?  You should follow Anel on Instagram for more cake poppy goodness.  And while you’re at it, follow me too.


One response to “Sinterklaas Crochet Cake Pops

  1. I absolutely adore what you’ve done here! Impossible to decide which ones I like better, the x-mas pops or the Sinterklaas ones! In love! Marianne xx

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