WIP – Growing Fast!

Vest WIP using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetI’ve only about four skeins to go, I’d say I’m nearly finished!

As with all the Stone Washed projects I’ve done in the last almost 12 months, I absolutely love the texture.  This yarn is just really, really great looking.  I love the fluff-factor too.  Look at the stitch detail:

Stitch Detail on the vest, using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetI’m working a really very simple half double crochet into alternating front and back loops, and it just looks great.

I’m actually almost at the stage where I need to think about working in the button.  Now, this button is huge.  Like the size of a slice of orange.  I’m hoping that it’s the right choice, but only time will tell!

huge button and Stitch Detail on the vest, using Scheepjes Stone Washed in GarnetHopefully by this time next week I’ll be able to show you the finished product, won’t that be fun?!


3 responses to “WIP – Growing Fast!

  1. I love this stitch! When doing the second row of alternating, do you fl into a stich which has previously been front looped or backed looped in row one?
    Thank you!

  2. I love the color and it is looking great…..can’t wait to see it finished. Wish I had the pattern.

    Thanks for your post.

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