Adventures in Brioche – A New Project Series

A few months ago I visited a yarn store in Amsterdam, and while I was there I discovered the knitted brioche stitch and fell head over heels!  But because I’m not a knitter I knew it would be beyond me, so set about coming up with a crochet version.

I spent some time experimenting and I managed to come up with a stitch that I like.  I decided for the initial project I would make a hat for my daughter and I knew which yarn would be perfect.

A couple of months ago, Scheepjes released a brand new “squeak-free” acrylic yarn called Colour Crafter.  There are an amazing 63, that’s right – sixty three – colours, all named for cities in the Netherlands.  Scheepjes Colour Crafter

To make my daughter’s hat, I’m using colours from two cool cities – Breda (orange) and Apeldoorn (hot pink). Scheepjes Colour Crafter on I also have two more colours, to make a more wintry manly version for my husband; Emmen (green) and Kampen (brown).

Scheepjes Colour Crafter on I just love the labels too, but I’m a total sucker for anything rainbow.

I was busy trying to take pics of these yarn to share with you, but I kept being interrupted by my fluffy little picture pooper! Scheepjes Colour Crafter on Scheepjes Colour Crafter on

So because I was laughing so hard I only managed to take a couple of pics (that weren’t blurry) before I got started.  Here’s where I’m at: Brioche Work in Progress, using Scheepjes Colour Crafter Aren’t Apeldoorn and Breda great together?  Seriously bright!

ETA: you can find the pattern for this project HERE.

You can pick up the yarn at Scheepjes retailers all over the Benelux, or internationally from Deramores, Wool Warehouse, and very soon (if not already) at Paradise Fibers in North America!


12 responses to “Adventures in Brioche – A New Project Series

  1. Thanks a lot!!!!! Will post my completed picture

  2. Hi can you please give me the link for the free pattern ? could you pleas tell me if it is made from top to bottom or bottom to top?


  3. I love the look of this brioche beanie pattern and I love your color combinations too! Do you have plans to post your pattern or sell your pattern? Thanks. 🙂

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  5. I should start reading your ig-posts better …… can’t wait for your new hat design in those gorgeous colors! See ya tomorrow ! Marianne xx

  6. looking forward to seeing a brioche pattern! I love it

  7. Love it. I look forward to learning it from you.

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