Crochet Minecraft Beanie Hat Tutorial

I’m really in Hat Mode lately, aren’t I?

This is the latest off my hook, a Minecraft inspired beanie for the son of a friend of mine. Minecraft inspired Beanie Hat, a free tutorial on

So far I’m lucky, I’ve been spared the Minecraft Mania.  But that’s possibly because my daughter is not yet four, nor at school.  I give it six months before Peppa Pig has been ditched for weird pixel people.

I decided to make a little tutorial so you can create your own Minecraft hat (or anything else, for that matter).

First, take your favourite double crochet hat pattern.  We all have one, mine is by Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me. Well, I don’t really use the pattern any more because I’ve made so.many.hats.

Once you have your hat underway, you can start working the Minecraft logo into it.  I’ve made a handy chart for you here, and remember, if you’re making a hat, you need to work from the top down.

Minecraft logo crochet chart with free tutorial on

Minecraft inspired Beanie Hat, a free tutorial on

These symbols are all US double crochet stitches, so you can use this chart to count your colour changes.

You need to carry the non-working yarn along behind your work as you go. Usually I would work the stitches around the non-working yarn, but in this case the black is quite visible through the green.  So what I did was, once I had finished working with the black, I continued on with the green, leaving the non-working yarn behind.  When I came back round to start the black on the next round, I loosely brought the black back from the previous yarn, and then worked that into my black stitches so it wasn’t hanging out to be caught.

You can also cut the yarn if you like, but carrying it and then hiding it will make it much tidier and easy to manage.

Once finished with the logo, just carry on in green and you can complete your hat.  Super simple!

Enjoy!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email, or fire off a Facebook message.

For this project I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter in Emmen (green), and some black yarn that I found in my stash.

You can pick up the yarn at Scheepjes retailers all over the Benelux, or internationally from Deramores, Wool Warehouse, and at Paradise Fibers in North America!

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One response to “Crochet Minecraft Beanie Hat Tutorial

  1. Shelia Hancock

    Could you list the pattern if the entire hat instead if just showing the diagram of the hat.

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