Cherry Blossom Shawl – The Big Reveal.

So, what do you think?

Cherry Blossom shawl, free crochet patternCherry Blossom shawl, free crochet patternCherry Blossom shawl, free crochet pattern

I finished it a few days ago, and I haven’t taken it off since!

Cherry Blossom shawl, free crochet pattern

The shawl is an asymmetrical construction, and the colours really shine.

Cherry Blossom shawl, free crochet pattern

Cherry Blossom shawl, free crochet pattern

I added some tassles with the tiny bit of left-over yarn I had, it was just serendipitous that they happened to match the endpoints perfectly.

Cherry Blossom shawl, free crochet patternCherry Blossom shawl, free crochet pattern

And do you know what the best thing is?  The Scheepjes Wanderlust is 100% acrylic, so aside from being crazy soft, it doesn’t need blocking!

Next week I’ll have the pattern ready for you, so in preparation, pop over to either your favourite Scheepjes Retailer, or Wool Warehouse* and grab yourself 3 balls in your favourite colourway so you’ll be ready to crack on!

Which brings me to the giveaway.  Together with Scheepjes, I’m giving you the chance to win three balls of Wanderlust in your favourite colourway so you can make this shawl!

All you have to do is comment below with the one place in the world that your wanderlust is dying to take you, along with your favourite colourway. 

Thanks everyone for your entries, this giveaway is now closed.

Wanderlust, by Scheepjes.

The fine print: This giveaway is open worldwide.  Please comment using an email address that I can reach you on easily and to make sure you find out that you’ve won, subscribe up on the top right corner.  I’ll announce the winner when I launch the pattern on Monday 13th of feb.

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187 responses to “Cherry Blossom Shawl – The Big Reveal.

  1. I love visiting other areas of Scotland where I live as it’s so beautiful, but I’d love to visit Australia one day. I love the Zanzibar colourway, but would probably choose Berlin as I’m more likely to wear those colours.

  2. I’m dreaming of going to New York for our honeymoon at the end of August, and what would be better than to take this beautiful shawl in Wanderlust New York with me! Really love the colours!

  3. Angela Hanslovan

    Wanderlust – look at a map and find names of places that sound intriguing, like Egypt Wells, Troy or Flora…

  4. Samoa, New Zealand, and S. Korea are on the top of my list! The Zanzibar color way is really pretty!

  5. First what a beautiful shawl and I love the new yarn and it’s colour ways 🙂 I would bring my shawl to Alaska, I love snow and mountains and we hardly ever get snow here and there is no mountains at all 🙂

    • Ah, I had a friend who lived in Canada, right next door to Alaska. It was so beautiful, I wish I could have visited. In summer though 🙂

  6. I would love to go to Canada once in my life. (I live in the Netherlands.)
    So the color “lake Louise” would be suitable.
    I also like the color “hirosaki”. Suprise me.

  7. I would go to a warm country! I really love the Lake Louise colours.

  8. I live in Belgium (land of rain). Would love to go to Hawaii, but my favourite colourway is Hirosaki…

  9. I’ve wanted to go to New Zealand since I was a child, but my favourite colourway i Rio de Janeiro

  10. I live on a tropical island, Puerto Rico, and even though our climate is very warm, I love to crochet with acrylic yarns and make beanies and scarves and shawls. Your Cherry Blossom shawl is beautiful. In my wanderlust I would love to go to Ireland and take in all the beautiful lush green of the countryside, or visit Argentinaa and learn how to dance tango!

  11. Wij hopen naar Ierland te gaan in de zomer. Maar in Nederland komt zo’n sjaal ook goed van pas.

  12. Jeanette McBoyle

    I would love to go to Hawaii, and love the colour too!

  13. Joan Simpson

    I’d love to visit Budapest but my favourite colour is Hirosaki

  14. Would love to go to New York, colour Zanzibar 455

  15. Marianne Thiadens

    I would love to go to Venice! But I like color 456 Prague so much. It’s beautiful!

  16. I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro, and I’m so in love with the city and its people that it’s the one place in the world I want to be. And its matching colourway is incredible!

  17. Regina Carlyon

    I would love to go somewhere green, lush, warm with sandy beaches. Hawaii sounds perfect. Love the shawl and the color, so far I’ve had no luck in ordering any wanderlust from Wool Warehouse but will keep trying. Many thanks!

  18. Next on my travel hit list is Greece for our next anniversary. I’d love to make a shawl in color # 467 Amsterdam. The warm hues would be perfect for a cozy dinner on the patio!

  19. I’d love to visit Turkey, with Rio De Janeiro packed in my carry-on!

  20. I would really love to go to New York! Beautiful color to!

  21. Marieke Tieman

    First on my list of where I one day want to go is Venice. I love several colourways of this beautiful yarn, but I am choosing Budapest.

  22. I’d like to go to New Zealand and my colour is Hawaii 🙂

  23. Tajana Superina

    Yesterday I bought two travel guides: Ireland and Island. I am flipping through them and can’t decide which of the two will be the next holiday destination for our travel eager family. For sure will need a warm shawl for both and this one looks beautiful! Will most definitely make it. Probably in Berlin version.

  24. Caroline Gregson

    New Zealand for its stunning scenery- escape from all the hubbub 🙂 Zanzibar is my fave, it seems very restful 😍

  25. Karin Bremer

    Viva Las Vegas! Best short trip ever 😄

  26. I would choose to go to St. Ives in Cornwall. My first holiday away with my husband 7 years ago. I’d sit in a cafe overlooking the beach and crochet with the gorgeous Zanzibar which reminds me of the cool sea and the hot sand.

  27. Barbara Müller Weber

    I would love to go back and explore the mountains of Montana, USA some more. My colour choice would be Zanzibar 😀

  28. I would love yto see Italy with all its history.

  29. This would be perfect to keep me warm on my trip to Ireland this summer, the shawl is stunning

  30. Beautiful yarn I would love to visit Budapest and my pick of the fab colours is Bangkok. Thank you

  31. Marina Reader

    National flower of Japan….hirosaki of course❤❤❤

  32. I would take it with me to any place where I go. First to Tirol, Austria when we go skiing, second to the beach in Sealand, the Netherlands…
    Mt favorite colour is prague

  33. Gloria Jordan

    I would like to crochet the shawl in the colors of wanderlust. Making a trip to Vermont during the Fall with my Cherry Shawl would show off the clors very well.

  34. I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I love the color of
    your shawl, but I think the bangkok would make a nice cheery shawl also.

  35. Denise Byers

    To the lake

  36. Haha, I am constantly on planes, and massively jetlagged, so my wanderlust is slightly off these days… However, I would like to travel to Uzbekistan one day! As for THE Wanderlust: New York is the best colour! 🙂

    • Uzbekistan! It’s never for a single second occurred to me to want to go there, but when I think about it, it would be extraordinarily beautiful!

      • Oh, I know! I never thought much about the place either, but I’ve met really nice Uzbekis during my travels of the past years, and heard all the stories…

  37. Enjoy reading your blog. My Wanderlust is anywhere locally I can take my two Shiba Inus with me ^..^ ^..^ My favorite colorway is “Rio de Janeiro.”

  38. Lana Subotic

    I’m am Aussie with European heritage and am dreaming of somewhere chilly like Iceland.. so my favourite colourway is Reykjavic! 😆

  39. I’d love to go to Scotland, or to the Amazon. The Zanzibar colourway looks beachy, and we just got 12″+ of snow this weekend so it would be a nice escape!

  40. I would love to travel through German looking at the different castles, then on to Scotland and Ireland. Bangkok would be my color choice.

    • Oh, the castles in Germany are amazing! Especially around Heidelberg, there’s a section of The Romantic Road called Castle Row (or something similar). It follows the course of the river and there are castles and ruins everywhere! It’s paradise!

  41. What a lovely wrap.
    Italy & Australia are my top hope to see someday 🙂 The Prague colorway is just lovely.

  42. would love to visit Italy or Egypt, and my favorite color is Reykjavik

  43. petra leenders

    wanderlust… wandering aroun, not stopping by one city, wander around in so many cities to see th beauty of them all.. i would love to go to the coulder cities like reikjavik, oslo or stokholm. there the shawl is a gift to wear for it keeps th chill out 🙂 and my colour is zanzibar… a bit of sun taking with me…

  44. Theresa Faria

    I would love to visit Florida, I enjoy the sun! In keeping with that I like 452, Lake Louise. Beautiful soft color mix. Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. I would love to go back to visit family who live in the US in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC area. I’ve only been there once and there is so much more to explore! especially the Shenandoa mountains are impressive. I like the Bangkok colourway because it’s so happy and I need that in these cold months.

  46. Tina M. McLerran

    I would love to go to a beautiful woodland area and relax in a cabin. I don’t care where, but somewhere far away from cities. The Rudesheim colorway reminds me of a beautiful location like that.

  47. Lisa MacDonald

    Anywhere warm, it’s freezing today!! Love from Canada.

  48. I’d love to visit Scotland & Cardiff. The Hawaii colorway is beautiful.