Give it a “Whirl”

Scheepjes Whirl has hit stockists and it won’t last long, I promise you.

Scheepjes Whirl:

I have Slice O’ Cherry Pie and Lavenderlicious, plus Popin Candy with which I’ve made a beautiful new design with which will be launched soon!

Scheepjes Whirl:

Scheepjes Whirl:

I’ve tried a few of these long changing yarns in the past, and haven’t really been enamoured because oh man, they split!  The Whirl is constructed differently though, so it feels like Cotton 8 with it’s higher twist.

The yarn is available from your favourite Scheepjes stockists in the Benelux, or Wool Warehouse* for worldwide shipping.

Tell me in the comments which colourway you love most and what you’re planning to make, I can’t wait to hear!


6 responses to “Give it a “Whirl”

  1. I’d really like to make myself a Goldberry shawl using the Green Tea Tipple


  2. Bec ~ Three Bags Full

    I’ll be making Tatsiana’s circular vest when she writes the pattern in Green Tea Tipple… but if we’re dreaming and money grew on trees I’d really like one of each lol


  3. I’d make me a mandala vest out of popin candy and some for my great-grandnieces out of cotton candy man!


  4. I think a shawl would look amazing with this type of yarn. And I love all the colours but my favourite is probably the Green tea tipple 🙂


  5. I’d choose the greenteatiple and bluberrybambam or….
    Difficult to choose! I’d plan to make a warm shawl with it


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