New Design in the Making

I’ve spent the last months only thinking about the latest issue of YARN, but now that it’s released and my designs are out there in the world, I can breathe again.  Not that I was in anyway involved in putting the issue together, but I have been anxious and excited and on tenterhooks waiting!

But, time waits for no woman, and now it’s on to the next.  I’m revisiting my old friend Scheepjes Catona for a spring project.

Scheepjes Catona

As I write this, the tulips in my garden are on the wane and the irises and peonies are about to explode.  It’s my favourite time of year in the Netherlands; the glory of the bulbs, the green of the grass and the blue of the sky (except today!).  It fills me with inspiration and hope for the summer.

Irises in my garden

So I have a lovely little project in the works, which will be great when we start living our lives outside in the garden again, I can’t wait to show you more!

Stay tuned for progress pics next week, I’m hoping the sun will shine until then!


5 responses to “New Design in the Making

  1. Such pretty, Spring-inspired colors! We will be waiting to see your new design!
    And I’m SO jealous! I can’t grow tulips OR peonies here – because our winters are too mild.
    When I lived Back East (USA) I planted LOTS of tulips…My folks traveled to Netherlands and sent me 100 bulbs – all colors and varieties…unfortunately, the rabbits and other critters took their toll! And I also planted peonies…which is my favorite flower! They won’t grow here. I wish someone would develop a hybrid that would survive. There are drawbacks to living in a temperate climate (San Diego, CA, USA).

    • I’m from South Australia, and the climate is quite similar to California. I’d never seen peonies in a garden anywhere either! They’re also my favourite flower, so I’m excited to be able to grow them. Although, they’re fickle monsters and some years I only get one(!!) bloom. Here’s hoping this year is different.

      For the tulips, try potting them instead, and making sure you dig them all out when they’re finished and the stems have died off. I have a pet rabbit who roams the garden and tulips are about the only things that are safe! my beautiful ranunculus (my other favourite flower), lunch. Dahlias, snacks. Petunias, only if he’s feeling particularly hungry.

      Meanwhile, one of my best friends is moving to San Diego this week!

  2. Lovely spring colours! I’m also awaiting the peonies in our garden 🙂
    Looking forward to see your design. Have a nice weekend, Sigrid

  3. Can’t wait to see what you’re making 🙂

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