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The first time I met Dedri, the Sophie’s Universe CAL was almost finished.  She brought the completed blanket and I was able to see it before the rest of the world!  The first, and only thing I could keep saying to Dedri was: Game Changer.  This creation is a total game changer.  The crochet universe was never going to be the same again, and it’s only a matter of time before we see a Sophie draped over a couch in an American sitcom.

Sophie's Universe by Dedri of Look What I Made

Sophie has become so ingrained in the crochet vernacular now that nobody needs to even bother with the the “Universe” part; like Madonna, Sophie is enough. It’s already at the point where she’s referenced in a bodice ripper!

So it was totally fitting that Dedri should turn Sophie into a book, right?

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

All of the installments are laid out in sections, the same way that the weekly pattern releases were and there is so much information, with recommended yarn and colour choices and tips and tricks.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys.  Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

But do you know what my favourite part of the Sophie book is?  It’s the window into Dedri’s universe, with anecdotes of her family and pictures from the CAL community, it’s just so inclusive, and so… Dedri.

Sophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnhSophie's Universe, by Dedri Uys. Available from Wool Warehouse: http://shrsl.com/?gxnh

And then I closed the book with a smile on my face, only to see my own face smiling back at me from the back cover!


I am so grateful to have received my copy as a birthday gift from Dedri.  I had asked to buy a copy from her (first rule of publishing a book: friends and family pay full price) and after a bit of discussion she agreed.  Only to wrap the bloody thing up and give it to me for my birthday with a smug little “I win” grin on her face.

So I can only say: get this book.  It’s like a beautiful stitch bible – you’ll learn so many new techniques.  I challenge you to make a Sophie and not learn something new.  I promise you’ll be a better crocheter for this book.

Get your copy from Wool Warehouse (with global shipping) where you can also order yarn packs in colours and yarns for every budget.  In the Netherlands Caro’s Atelier stocks it, in South Africa it’s at Be Inspired (of course).

This post contains affiliate links which help me to run this site and provide free patterns for you.  If you shop using my links, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you.  

Thanks for your support!


4 responses to “Explore Sophie’s Universe

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  2. That is an amazing piece.

  3. Yay for book! What an incredible labor of love!!
    Do you know if this pattern is in US or UK terms?

  4. Margaret Lewin

    You are so right – Gamechanger indeed for so many many reasons. Great tribute to the wonderful work of a great person 🙂

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