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This post comes to you lovingly from Sunny Australia!

I’m on holidays right now visiting my family and having lots and lots of fun!  Unfortunately it also means that there is virtually zero crochet happening as I’m far too busy being Ms Social Butterfly 2015…

Here’s the one project I managed to complete:

It occurred to me that if you are using an RSS reader to read my posts, you won’t see all my pics.  I’m adding some from instagram directly and the image doesn’t translate through to Feedly or Bloglovin.  So, click through to missneriss.com to see them all.

I had planned to make this beautiful Summer Shawl (from Crejjtion’s Puur Haken book) on the flight over and made great progress on the leg between Amsterdam and Dubai, but after that it was dark, and a really quick day and extended night so I kind of sat in a daze for many, many hours.

It was a gift for my aunt’s 80th birthday and in the end I was up until 10 pm the night before finishing it and getting it on the blocking boards!  Thankfully we are in Australia and the blocking was done over night, instead of the usual three days in Holland for a cotton project!

Otherwise, we’ve just been hanging at the beach

and trying to avoid the scorching sun, Australia has really put it on for us!

I’m in project dream mode too.  Wondering what I should make next.  I do have a modified Jasper V on the go in orange bamboo, but it’s not satisfying me.  I’m spending my days ogling Cleckheaton Superfine Merino and wondering what project would be perfect.  What would you make?

There will be a bit of a posting drought over the next few weeks while I’m in Australia, so if you want to keep up with what I’m doing, you’ll have to follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing pics of my daughter and I frolicking in the sun!

See you soon!

Crocheting for a Cause

Sometimes a cause appears and you can’t not participate.  For most of the Facebook world this year it was the ALS ice bucket challenge.  For me it was Breast Cancer Awareness.

You see, a friend of mine was diagnosed earlier this year.  Seemingly out of nowhere, she was flat out one day building a new business and community, and then wham! Lumpectomy, radiotherapy, and now chemotherapy, followed by five years of medication.

Lana started a campaign to encourage women to stay on top of checking their breasts, which is something I thought I did regularly, until I stumbled across this video:

I had no idea of some of these symptoms, and holy shit, I had one of them.  Panic ensued, and I was off to the doc faster than you can spell mammogram.  I was referred quickly to have a scan and ultrasound, and after a week of extreme stress I was given the all-clear.  Thankfully I was not one of the 1 in almost 230 women my age who develop breast cancer.  But, I have to monitor my breasts very closely to make sure there are no changes.  Quite the near-miss to say the least.

But what does this have to do with crochet?  Well.  A while back, via via on Instagram, I came across a fabulous post requesting submissions for a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness blanket, all the way home in Australia.  You see, October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the timing was perfect.


How could I not participate?  I immediately got to crocheting my square, digging around in my stash until I found the right colours, and whipped this up, based on a pattern by local designer Pukado:

I popped it in the post, and this week I saw the latest blanket ready to be stitched together – what a beautiful, love-filled blanket!

Instagram project by @insta_yarn_folk, bringing together pink squares from all over the world, all to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.  So many wonderful people have come together to contribute, it's a beautiful cause.  #breastcancer #pinkribbon

It feels great that I could help contribute towards such a wonderful, important cause, and that somewhere in Australia, a woman in great need of comfort is going to receive this blanket and know that there are thousands of women out there supporting her.

Isn’t it amazing?