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Come Say Hi at Brei en Haakdag!

At the weekend I am going to have the enormous pleasure of joining Scheepjes and half of my Blogger Tribe at Brei en Haakdag in Zwolle!

This time round Scheepjes will be hosting a Bloggerplein (Blogger Square) where myself, Annelies, Atty, Carmen, Jellina and Kirsten will be hanging out chatting with visitors and showing off some of our favourite projects.

Meet the Scheepjes Bloggers at Breidag in Zwolle on the 23rd and 24th of October 2015!

We’ll all be there on both days, so you can come along and say hi.  Please come say hi – this event is terrifying!

Here are some of the projects that I’ll be taking with me:

The Egyptian Star Flower Stool

Egyptian Star Flower Stool, free pattern by MissNeriss

The Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap

Peek-a-boo Button Body Warmer

The Rainbow Hearts Tutu

Rainbow Hearts Tutu on missneriss.com - free tutorial available

I can’t wait to go, I hope I’ll see you there.  It’s not too late to get tickets, grab them here: Breidag Tix

Breidag – A Yarn Paradise?

This weekend, together with my friend Tammy, I headed off to Breidag in Rijswijk here in the Netherlands.  It’s basically an excuse for yarn freaks like myself to see all the pretties in one place.

I went last year, and that was my first opportunity to be able to get up close and personal with a lot of the beautiful yarns that I had only dreamed about seeing, and this year was more of the same.  This year I had two goals in mind: to finally choose a long colour changing yarn from Wol Cafe, and to get my hands on some roving to finally learn how to make my own yarn.  I also hoped to find someone stocking the Vinnis Bambi which I first saw when Maaike from CreJJtion showed me this beautiful stole.  But overall I just wanted to fondle all the gorgeous yarns.

Upon arriving, Tammy and I decided to first do a lap, then come back to the stalls that we wanted to buy from.  We were really hoping to be dazzled by all the choices and the obvious love of yarn art, as we had been last year.

What we quickly discovered though was, much of the same, everywhere.  The big brands were very well represented.  Lots of Katia, lots of Scheepjes, Phildar and some Catania.  I love all these brands, but was hoping for more diversity.  However, hidden amongst the giants there were some wonderful pockets of loveliness.  Textiel Werk en Zo with their hand dyed and undyed yarns and spinning wheels, Diversan with their natural fibres, and Pink Hazel with their handmade needle cases.

Zeven Katten were there as well, and we had had such a great time with them last year that we wanted to go say hi and see what amazing yarns they had this year, but it was almost impossible to get to the stand!  As with these events (and I don’t know if it’s a Dutch thing or not), elbows were sharp and middle-aged women take no prisoners.  I found myself getting closer to the front of the pack and someone would swoop in and I’d be spat out the side.  In the end it wasn’t worth the hassle, so I moved on.

I had much the same experience at Wol Cafe.  Tammy and I waited a few minutes to get in close enough to look at the yarns we were hoping to buy, and the entire time I was there, a woman just kept reaching over my shoulder to grab at the yarns, then as I was paying, she was already shoving me out the way with her backpack.  This kind of behaviour really spoils an event for me.  Especially right now when I’ve just come back from a month in Australia where I couldn’t imagine a single person not politely waiting their turn!  That’s right, culture shock is hitting me hard.

So, what did I get?

Well, I finally decided on a Limited By Wol Cafe yarn.  It was a tough choice.  Usually I’m totally drawn to the pinks and turquoise colours, but I decided to go with a navy to cream colour.

Limited By Wol Cafe http://www.wolcafe.nl/Limited-by-Wolcafe-donkerblauw/grijs/creme-109

I also couldn’t resist the Bamboo yarn that I found at Diversan. The entire stall was dedicated to natural fibres, which I LOVE!  I’ve found myself really being pulled towards the natural fibres, as the feeling and the colours are just so beautiful.

bamboo yarn from diversan  - http://diversan.nl/index.php?item=bamboe-witgrijs-gemeleerd&action=article&group_id=15&aid=322&lang=NL

And finally I bought a drop spindle and some roving to teach myself how to spin.  Ideally I’d like to get a spinning wheel, but they’re expensive and I’m not sure my husband would support yet another yarn habit, considering I’m starting to knit as well!

I started practicing yesterday because basically I couldn’t wait any longer (than 24 hours!).  So far it’s interesting.  I’m not loving it because having to stop and start to keep the spindle spinning and then to wind the yarn is irritating, but hopefully with practice it will improve.  Suggestions for great tutorials online will be greatly appreciated!

Overall, what did I think of Breidag?  Well, I think MaraMaakt kind of summed it up (aside from her ideas on mulesing).  The venue wasn’t the greatest, there wasn’t a lot of atmosphere and there were a LOT of stalls with mass-produced yarns and the big brands.  I remember last year being all about the love of fibre.  There were not many Wow yarns this year, and I missed the diversity of crafts aside from, well, knitting.  There was quite a bit of crochet represented, but almost no spinning or dyeing (two or three stands) and I had hoped to see more beauty.

So, will I go again?  I’m not sure.  I might consider the handwerkbeurs in October, but it’s in the same location and although Rijswijk is easy for me to get to, the venue is dark and the layout made it crowded.  There was a LOT of space in that room, but all the stalls were really crammed in against one another.

The company, however, was amazing.  Thanks Tammy!