It’s a hashtag that has been taking over the crochet corner of Instagram like mad over the last few months. The Rustic Lace Square is a design that nobody seems to be able to find the original designer. Cornel Strydom has been on a Who Do You Think You Are style search to find where it came from. Last I heard the design had been traced to a vintage Scandinavian magazine, but the designer still remains a mystery. It all adds to the appeal if you ask me.

After my friend Carmen showed me her rustic lace shawl a few months ago I knew I had to make something myself. I started experimenting with the yarns in my stash, beginning with the Scheepjes Stone Washed:


The Scheepjes Catona,


Before finally deciding that the perfect yarn would be the Scheepjes Linen Soft.


Then I had to decide what to make. Usually I’m not great with motifs; I lose interest very quickly. But this isn’t your usual motif and my three year old Director of Design wanted a blanket, so a blanket it shall be!

The Design Director was also responsible for the palette (“Pink  Mama!”), so I ordered all the pastels in Linen Soft range:


I still haven’t decided what I’ll do about a border yet, so I’ll order the yarn when I finally finish all the motifs and figure it out.

I’m making fantastic progress and loving every motif as it comes to life.

Come back next week and I’ll have another report for you. If you can’t wait until then, you can see lots of photos on Instagram.

And finally, here’s the motif chart that’s zooming around Pinterest and Instagram:



2 responses to “#rusticlacesquare

  1. Beautiful. Is there also a written pattern, please? I never learned to “read” diagrams for crochet. 😦 Thank you and bless you.

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