WiP Wednesday: #rusticlacesquare

It has been slow progress on the Rustic Lace Square blanket this week.  I have a few other projects on the go, and I haven’t really been feeling that excited about crochet this week either, to be honest.  You know those weeks, when you just have a bit of a slump. I’ve also been doing a bit of rearranging in my living room because we have so.much.stuff.  Drives me nuts.  I’m slowly finding a space that I like better though.

Here’s a closer look at the colours I’ve chosen for this project.  I went ahead and made all the inside rounds of the squares for the blanket.  My plan is to make a 5×7 square blanket; then border it in a way yet to be decided.  Still no clue to be honest!

inners of the Rustic Lace Square

I’m storing all the inners on this cool steel ring so they stay together and don’t get lost.

Rustic Lace Square middle sections on their cute hanger

I posted this one on Instagram:

and here’s a closeup:

Rustic Lace Square blanket progress

Looking beautiful.  More to come next week, providing the weather brightens a bit and I can take some photos!

I’m using Scheepjes Linen Soft for this project, together with a 4mm hook.  Perfect match.

How’s your Rustic Lace Square coming along?


5 responses to “WiP Wednesday: #rusticlacesquare

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  2. Hello,

    Lovely to see the progress on your rustic lace square blanket. These squares kept me busy all summer, I turned mine into a sleeveless cardigan! 🙂 (You can read about it on my blog).

    And what a brilliant idea to use Linen Soft, I love that yarn already!!!
    The colours of your blanket look so yummy, like ice cream!!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Ingrid xx

  3. I love your color scheme! Are you making it for you or do you have someone in mind to give it to as a gift? Also, what a clever way to store your pieces…they certainly won’t get lost, or damaged, this way!

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