Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook – A Review

So, I was sitting here, happily getting started on this week’s GREG Mystery CAL and thought that perhaps I could try using my new Furls Odyssey crochet hook which has been waiting patiently in my hook case.

I ordered the hook ages ago, and it had to be made and shipped. So it took quite a while in the end, and is it worth the wait? Let’s see, shall we?

When I first unpacked the hook I thought: wow! It’s beautiful and shiny and heavy


I ordered the 4mm, or G hook, but in the time I was waiting I had forgotten which size I had ordered. Strangely, there’s no stamp on my hook to tell me which size I have, so luckily it was in the packing list.

The hook is still taking me a bit of getting used to. It feels a-mazing in my hand, but the round tip is a bit different to my trusty Clover Amour’s tapered top. It makes getting into back loop stitches a bit more of a challenge, but that’s only because it’s what I’m used to.


I worked up two squares today for instalment three of GREG, the first with my Clover and the second with the Odyssey. The tension was pretty much exactly the same. 


You can see, the square I crocheted with the Odyssey just peeking out from behind.

I would say that my Clover square is a bit tidier though, but I’m putting that down to practice and getting used to the rounded tip.


Here’s the Odyssey next to my Clover. Quite a size difference!

Over all, I’m very happy with the Furls Odyssey. I’ve wanted a Furls hook for a long time, but the price tag has put them firmly out of reach, especially with shipping, and then customs charges on top. (Dutch customs love to charge VAT then “administration costs” which are usually double the VAT value.) The Odyssey is the perfect compromise. A great hook, affordable, and beautiful!

If you want one, they’re available from Furls directly for $24.95 USD (plus shipping of course).

Do you have an Odyssey? What do you think?

7 responses to “Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook – A Review

  1. Bought two of them a while back. Disappointed there is NO marking on them which makes me feel they want me to buy the expensive cases or stands which I would not use or purchase for that price. They are heavy and it takes getting used to. I do love the candycane hooks better I must say. I just wish I did not have to go back to my account to find out which odyssey hooks I ordered. Seems easy enough- especially for the cost- to have given even a small stamp with the “letter” or size. Won’t buy others.

  2. I hold my hook like a pencil so this hook is uncomfortable to me. Just not used to the weight of it. May return it and stick with my Susan Bates.

  3. Just wondering, I saw somewhere that the Odysseys scratch easily. Have you found that to be true? Do they seem durable enough? Thanks!

  4. I love the hook itself which is superbly finished and extremely smooth. The hook is slightly self driving because of the handle weight, extra length and balance. I have completed an afghan using the Odyssey hook and as a pencil holder I tried various holds in order to dodge the seam between hook and handle and also to get my hold as near as possible to the centre of balance. I own and use Furls Alpha series wooden hooks which are more conventional in length and extremely light but slower to use than my Tulip Etimo hooks. Furls have now released a number of extra sizes, but are missing a 4.5 mm size which I think Americans calla G+. My wish list would include an Odyssey hook, with an Alpha shaped handle and the seam between the hook and handle being buried in the depression of the first contour. When holding the hook in the knife grip the weight is spread evenly across the palm and so the problems I experienced dodging the “seam” are non existent. I will order another Odyssey hook as now I have mastered my most efficient hold.

  5. I love my Furls Oddyssey (5mm). The weight of it makes it a joy to use, but I agree, I wish the head was more tapered. That said, I am asking for 2 more for Christmas!

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