Crochet Christmas Gnome

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Welcome to the pattern page for my Scandinavian Christmas gnomes!

I’ve made a few changes to this post, updating the pattern to make it more user friendly.  I’ve also updated the Ravelry listing, adding UK and US crochet terms so you can choose the version that suits you best if you prefer a printer friendly version for a small fee. Here in this post you’ll find the UK version

I hope you like it!

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crochet amigurumi Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, free tutorial on

I absolutely loved making these little guys.  I made a regular gnome, a slightly taller one, and even a lady gnome!

crochet amigurumi Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, free tutorial on missneriss.comcrochet amigurumi Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, free tutorial on

The pattern is really very simple, and it’s definitely possible to whip out one or two of these in an evening.  They make great ornaments, or you could even attach a loop to the top of the hat and hang it in your tree.

So, what will you need?  A couple of shades of red, a grey, a brown, white and off-white mini Catona skeins, and rice!  We’re going fill the bodies with rice, so a little tip: if you crochet loosely, consider using a stocking as a lining, or size your hook down.  The pattern uses a 3mm hook, but you might consider a 2.5mm.



Ready to get started?

What You’ll Need

Four mini skeins of Catona
Colour 1: grey (242)
Colour 2, red (115)
Colour 3 off white (130)
Colour 4 white (106)
3mm crochet hook
Rice Scissors
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle


(UK terms)
MR magic ring
Ch chain
Sts stitches
dc double crochet
inc two double crochet sts in one st increased
dc2tog 2 double crochet stitches decreasing into one stitch
Ss slip stitch
Rep repeat



Colour 1
Round 1. 6dc into a MR [6sts]
Round 2. INC in each stitch around [12 sts]
Round 3. (INC, 1dc) 6 times [18 sts]
Round4. (INC, 2dc) 6 times [24 sts]
Round 5. (INC, 3dc) 6 times [30 sts]
Round 6. (INC, 4dc) 6 times [36 sts]
Round 7. 36dc [36 sts]
Rounds 8-18. Rep round 7 11 times [36 sts]
Round 19. (dc2tog, 4dc) 6 times [30 sts]
Round 20. 30dc [30 sts]
Round 21. (dc2tog, 3dc) 6 times [24 sts]
Round 22. (dc2tog, 2dc) 6 times [18 sts]
Round 23. (dc2tog, 1dc) 6 times [12 sts]
Fill with the rice; use a funnel if you need to. I made one with paper and it worked perfectly.
Round 24. dc2tog 6 times [6 sts]
Sew close, tie off and hide the tail in the body.


Colour 2
Round 1. 6 dc into a MR [6]
Rounds 2-5. 6dc [6]
Round 6. (INC, 2dc) 2 times [8]
Round 7. 8dc [8]
Round 8. 8dc [8]
Round 9. (INC, 3dc) 2 times [10]
Round 10. 10dc [10]
Round 11. 10dc [10]
Round 12. (INC, 4dc) 2 times [12]
Round 13. 12dc [12]
Round 14. 12dc [12]
Round 15. (INC, 3dc) 3 times [15]
Round 16. 15dc [15]
Round 17. 15dc [15]
Round 18. (INC, 4dc) 3 times [18]
Round 19. 18dc [18]
Round 20. 18dc [18]
Round 21. (INC, 5dc) 3 times [21]
Round 22. 21dc [21]
Round 23. 21dc [21]
Round 24. (INC, 6dc) 3 times [24]
Round 25. 24dc [24]
Round 26. 24dc [24]
Round 27. (INC, 7dc) 3 times [27]
Round 28. 27dc [27]
Round 29. 27dc [27]
Round 30. (INC, 8dc) 3 times [30]
Round 31. 30dc [30]
Round 32. 30dc [30]
Round 33. (INC, 9dc) 3 times [33]
Round 34. 33dc [33]
Round 35. 33dc [33]
Round 36. (INC, 10dc) 3 times [36]
Round 37. 36dc [36]
Round 38. 36dc [36] Tie off; leave a long tail to sew the hat onto the body .


Colour 3
Round 1. 6 dc into a MR (6)
Round 2. INC in each stitch around [12]
Round 3. dc2tog 6 times [6] Tie off; leave a tail to attach the nose to the body.


With colour 4, cut about 40 8cm lengths, fold in half, loop through the stitches in rows 19 and 20 of the body for 14 stitches on row 19 and 12 on row 20 (1 extra at each end on row 19). With your tapestry needle split the yarn so it looks more like a beard.

Attach the nose so that it over laps the beard on row 18/19 in the middle of the beard. Try to have some of the beard sewn underneath the nose.

Take the hat and sew it onto the body, pulling it firmly down over the knots you’ve made with the beard, and so that it moulds around the nose. Tie off and hide all tails in the body.

crochet amigurumi Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, free tutorial on

I hope you love making this project as much as I’ve loved designing it.  Please don’t forget to share your creations on social media, and tag me on Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry!  And use hashtag #ScheepjesChristmasBlogHop so we can all find and like your pictures.

And most importantly, don’t forget to visit Tammy at Canadutch tomorrow to find out what the next project is.  Trust me, if you knit, you’ll love it! There are also a bunch of other amazing projects coming your way in the next week, so don’t miss a thing on the Scheepjes Facebook page.

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68 responses to “Crochet Christmas Gnome

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  7. You are so kind…thanks so much for this pattern…I love your gnomes!

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  12. Thank you for the adorable pattern! I am confused about the size and the double crochet. Your pictures look like you used single crochet, and my gnome is turning out very large using double crochet. The body is probably 10-12 inches tall. Are you in the UK? I’m un the U.S. Is that why yours is different? Do you use different terms? It’s cute either way, but I’m wondering why it’s so different. Thank you!

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  15. I just made one of these gnomes this evening – simply adorable! Thank you so much for the pattern💜

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  17. Quick question. Is the nose getting attached to hat or body? Thanks!

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  19. Hello. Just wanted you to know that I based by gnome designs on your hat and body pattern. I’m in the Amigurumi World Exhibition in Dec and also am selling mine on Etsy, but have given you credit for the basic design. Please let me know if you have any issues with that. Mine really do look different than yours, but wanted to let you know since you were my inspiration. Check out my Etsy page to see photos.

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  22. Can’t get the gnome pattern to load.

    • Hi Becky,

      I don’t have any errors on my side with the pattern, can you check your download permissions?

      Otherwise send me an email with your Ravelry info and I’ll send it to you that way.

      Regards, Nerissa


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  28. Thank you for this cutie. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. xxx

  29. Christine Galindo

    Thank you for this cute pattern, making some for my daughter :0)

  30. Thank you so much for the pattern, they will be on my to do list for this christmas 😀

  31. Hello again. Finally figured out how to and posted a picture of the ones I have made onto your pattern. thank you!!

  32. Catherine Baily

    These are very cute! I have a glass gnome (from Norway) who looks just like this. You suggest 4-6 balls of the Catona – how many gnomes does this make please as I am hoping to make several? Thank you.

  33. Thank you for answering. I did cut my beard pieces longer, then had to trim them! ha So yes, the pieces need to be short. Mine turned out really cute. Will be making more.

    • I’m so pleased! I’d love to see pics, so it’d be great if you add a project on Ravelry, or tag me on Instagram (whatever works for you). X

      • Agnes Ashley


        Am hoping I can answer you this way.. I dont do Instagram and have no idea how to add a picture on Ravelry!! A little bit behind on computer knowledge. Will send a picture on this email, hope it works.

        It wasnt til I finished the gnome and then googled on how to do amigurumi that I realized mine is inside out! ha Who knew!!! My next ones will be done properly.

        I used Bernat Premium yarn as I had no idea what the yarn that you used was, and had this on hand. Worked fine but think I will try a thinner yarn for the beard, or use less yarn. My beard doesnt look quite right. But still pleased with the result!!


  34. Am working on making this gnome. You call for 40 8 cm pieces of yarn for the beard. But only use 26 pieces. And it seems like 8 cm is too short, is it not? Shouldnt the pieces be 16 cm long, so 8 cm when folded in half. And only cutting 26 pieces. No one else has mentioned this, so wondering what I am missing???

  35. Can someone tell me how tall the finished product is?

    • Hi Kylie
      I am just working on this gnome using Bernat Premium yarn and a 3 hook. The body is 3 inches tall and the hat 6 1/2 inches tall. Hope that helps!

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  37. Thank you so much for providing the crochet version of the nisse. These will make a perfect Jul gift for our Sons of Norway members.

  38. Can’t get the link to download the pattern to work 🤔

  39. Thank you for allowing us to use this pattern. The last time I saw something like this was when I was in Norway

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  41. Thank you so much!! I have been looking everywhere for something like this for Christmas with such whimsy that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and was in English! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Happy holidays!!!

  42. Gnomes are too cute! Finally have started making some. Question about the girl gnome’s hair: Do you do it like the beard and just attach it higher under the hat, then pull it to part and tie off in pigtails? Thanks!

    • Thanks! That’s pretty much how I did it, indeed. Except I attached the lengths all the way round so it looks like there’s a part at the front and at the back.

      Good luck!

  43. I love the gnomes! Thank you for sharing your pattern and especially in a PDF. Merry Christmas!

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  45. So cute ! Thank you !!!

  46. These are so cute but I don’t see a hook size anywhere……

  47. So so cute. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the free pattern.

  48. Thank you so much for this whimsical pattern! My daughter loves all things gnome and I see one of these in her future!!!

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