Can I Really Knit Socks?

Socks have always scared me.  I see everybody on Instagram knitting their beautiful woolly socks and love them, but think: nope.  I can’t knit socks.  I’m also very worried about Second Sock Syndrome, that common phenomenon whereby you knit one beautiful sock but can’t be bothered to knit the other.

But my friend Tammy has been telling me for years that I should knit socks; that it’s easy and beautiful, and my other friend Sarah insists the socks last forever and can be worn more than once (can you imagine wearing your socks for more than one day?).

I had never seen a sock being knit in real life either, so it was like a magic trick that everyone but me knew how to do.  But at the weekend that changed!  I watched Tammy knitting a pair of OMG beautiful socks and I knew I had to do it.

Because we were all together for Bloggers Day, Sarah was planning on giving Dedri a lesson on basic sock knitting.  I wormed my way in and commandeered the yarn that Sarah had earmarked for another project – the lovely Invicta Everest from Scheepjes – plus her fancy new Knit Pro Zing needles and we lined up on the “Naughty Step” for our lesson.

There we are, on the naughty step, learning to knit socks while Kirsten and Esther smile for the camera

While Kirsten and Esther are smiling for the camera, you can see Sarah Showing Dedri and myself what to do.

After a bit of confusion on how to do Judy’s magic cast on, we were away.  Sarah is a great teacher, with endless patience.  This is great as I’m a bit of a tantrum thrower when things don’t immediately work for me.  But we got there in the end and after a couple of days, I’ve already gone past the heel and am working on the leg!

I’m loving the learning process, it’s really satisfying to see this sock growing slowly.

I’m planning on adding Sarah’s Afterthought Heel at the end, hoping it’ll work as I’m pretty clueless at this point as to how to do it, but that’s what tutorials are for, right?

Sock One, with Scheepjes Invicta Everest

I’m loving this self-striping yarn too, by the way.  Often I think self striping yarn is a bit meh, but I love the solid stripes of this one.  I’ll have to find a brown and yellow version so I can knit my aunt a pair of Hawthorn socks as she’s about their biggest fan!

You can find this wonderful Invicta yarn at Scheepjes retailers throughout the Benelux, plus Wool Warehouse in the UK and internationally.



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