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Egyptian Star Flower Stool – Free Pattern

I’ve had the patterns for this ready for a week now, but I haven’t shared it because I still couldn’t decide on a name!  I made the mistake of asking for recommendations on Facebook, and I think honestly there were around 200 different suggestions!  They were all amazing, and it was wonderful what different people could see when they look at the stool.  Some saw Aztecs, others carnival, the circus, Arabian style, Moroccan even.  I loved all the suggestions!

Tapestry crochet stool by missneriss

There were a couple that really stood out – Star Flower, Moroccan Candy, and the Circle of Life.  The Moroccan Candy was probably my favourite, but then it doesn’t really give room to use other colours.  And I had the inspiration from Lucky the Camel on Holidays in Egypt earlier this year, and I can’t decide if the top of the stool is a star or a flower, so star flower it is!  So I’m enormously excited to bring you the pattern for the Egyptian Star Flower Stool!

En dames, voor jullie heb ik het ook in het Nederlands vertaald, met dank aan mijn vriendin Kirsten van Haak Maar Raak!  Do be kind, it is the first time I’ve written a design in Dutch.

You’ll need 5 ball of Scheepjes Catona Denim, which you can pick up from Wool Warehouse* or Caro’s Atelier in the Benelux and Germany.

You can find the patterns below/beneden vindt jij het patroon.

Click here for English

Klik hier voor Nederlands

Enjoy, do let me know if you have any questions or issues, and please don’t forget to add this to your Ravelry favourites so more people can find it!

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