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Moogly’s Chainless Starting Double Crochet

While making my beautiful Candace Scarf in the last couple of weeks, I decided to incorporate this new technique that I learned from being a regular visitor to the Moogly Blog.

In pretty much every single pattern you read, when crocheting to the end of the row the instruction will be “Chain 2, turn,” which is a great, fast and simple way to keep going when making items that are worked in rows.  However, the down side is that there are always holes where the chain 2 is.  Now, this probably isn’t noticeable at all to the wearer, unless they crochet.  But to me it’s basically like a pair of dog’s bollocks.  Fairly obvious.

Here’s what the standard chain 2 turn begin looks like:

Big gap, using chain 2 begin to a rowAnd here’s how it looks when you use the Chainless Starting Double Crochet:

No gap, using chainless starting double crochet

And to compare:

The two methods side by side

For the instructions you can head over to Youtube and watch the tutorial made by Tamara from Moogly:

Or you can check out the photo tutorial here.  Obviously if you’re a lefty like me you have to flip everything over in your mind’s eye for it to make sense.

I love it when I come across these little hacks, so I’ll be sure to share more of them with you as I find them.

The “Candace” Scarf

I’ve just finished making this absolutely gorgeous scarf for my mum. I’ve been searching for the perfect project for her for a long time and when I finally came across this amazingly beautiful yarn from Malabrigo I knew that the time was right!

My mum loves all things blue. She has loads of blue clothes and blue jewellery, and of all of the blues, turquoise is the most beautiful on her. It matches her eyes perfectly and she always looks that little bit more vibrant when she wears it.

So making this scarf truly was a labour of love and I can’t wait to see how it looks when she wears it in a few weeks.


But why is it called the “Candace” scarf? Well, I’m sure it has a completely different name, but when a bunch of my crafty girlfriends were all chatting about great patterns, Candace piped up with this one and because it’s such a beautiful pattern and loads of us have made one, The “Candace” just sort of stuck.

I’ll share the (free) pattern during the week. I didn’t write it, so I’ll link it, but I did hack it, so I’ll describe what I did so you can make it for yourself!