Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Pattern Size S-XL

Here it is, what you’ve been waiting for – the pattern for the Peek-a-Boo Wrap!

Peek-a-Boo Wrap free crochet pattern size S-XL on #haken

I’ve made this for you in four different sizes, from Small through to XL.

Here you can find a written pattern for size Medium, and below you can find a chart which will give you the measurements and stitch counts for sizes Small, Large and XL.

For the Dutch speakers among us, I’ve also had the design translated.  You can find it here. Veel plezier!

You can pick up the yarn at Scheepjes retailers all over the Benelux including Caro’s Atelier*, or internationally from Wool Warehouse* and Deramores*.

And even better, Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell has created a video tutorial, which is enormously helpful!

Are you ready?

What You Need

Scheepjes Stone Washed XL in 850 (Garnet) – 12 balls for size M (I used 11, but get an extra to be safe)
S = 10 balls (each ball of Stone Washed XL has 75 metres)
M = 12 balls
L = 15 balls
XL = 17 balls
7cm bamboo button – you can pick these up at any good craft store, or online
Size 5mm hook (or hook to obtain gauge)
Measuring Tape
Tapestry Needle
Eucalan wool wash


8 stitches x 5 rows = 5cm x 5cm
gauge across gauge up


Note: All stitches are in US terms
Chain (CH)
Half Double Crochet (HDC)
Half Double Crochet Back Loop Only (HDCBLO)
Half Double Crochet Front Loop Only (HDCFLO)

Size Medium

  1. Chain loosely 119 stitches.  If you’re a tight crocheter, consider going up a hook size to make sure that the chain isn’t too tight.
  2. HDC into the third chain from the hook, and all the way across (a total of 117 stitches across).  CH2, turn.
  3. HDCBLO in the first stitch, HDCFLO in the next.  Repeat this front and back (HDCBLO/FLO) format all the way across, CH2, turn.  Note:  It’s important to ensure that you have an odd number of stitches to make it easier to achieve the texture of the stitches.  If you finish the row in the back loop, when you start the next row, start in the front loop and vice versa.  You’ll find very quickly as you go that the look of the wrap will be different if you don’t maintain the BLO then FLO stitch pattern in alternating stitches.Stitch view vest
  4. Repeat this pattern building rows for 25cm.
  5. Now we are going to make the first sleeve.  Follow the HDCBLO/FLO pattern for 20 stitches, then CH 35, skip 35, then continue the HDCBLO/FLO pattern all the way to the end.  Make sure you double check that you stitch into the BLO or FLO correctly (if the stitch in the row below was FLO, you need to stitch into the BLO).
  6. HDCBLO/FLO to the chain from the previous row, then HDC 35 into the chain, then continue the HDCBLO/FLO to the end.  the short end becomes the collar of the wrap.
  7. Repeat step 3 for a further 37cm and then we will make the next sleeve.  Making sure you start from the top of the collar and work down (add a row if you need to), repeat steps 5 and 6.
  8. Continue building the final front panel, for 25cm, then we will make the button hole.button large
  9. Starting from the top of the collar, repeat the HDCBLO/FLO pattern for 37 stitches.  Chain 7, skip 7 stitches, then repeat the HDCBLO/FLO pattern all the way to the end.
  10. HDCBLO/FLO to the chain from the previous row, then HDC 7 into the chain, then continue the HDCBLO/FLO to the end.
  11. Build a further 7 rows, or complete your ball of yarn.  Tie off, weave in ends.
  12. Sew button on the opposite end of the garment to the button hole 9cm from the end, 25cm from the top.Peek-a-Boo Wrap free crochet pattern size S-XL on #haken
  13. Block, stretching a little (especially the length) and you’re done!

Peek-a-Boo Wrap free crochet pattern size S-XL on #hakenThe back of the body warmer

Size Chart

You can switch out the stitch counts and centimetres in the written pattern above for the numbers in the chart below, depending on your required size.

CM Rows CM Rows
Length 70 Chain 117 + 2 70cm Chain 117 + 2
Back 32 32 37 37
Front (button) 20 20 25 25
Front (button hole) 27 27 32 32
CM Stitch Count CM Stitch Count
Start Sleeve 12.5 20 12.5 20
End Sleeve 20 32 22.5 35
Start Button Hole 23 37 23 37
Button Hole Size 7 7
CM Rows CM Rows
Length 75cm Chain 123 + 2 75cm Chain 123 + 2
Back 42 42 47 47
Front (button) 30 30 35 35
Front (button hole) 37 37 42 42
CM Stitch Count CM Stitch Count
Start Sleeve 15 24 17.5 28
End Sleeve 25 39 27.5 43
Start Button Hole 25 40 25 40
Button Hole Size 7 7

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187 responses to “Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Pattern Size S-XL

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  5. I have a suggestion (which I’m going to try myself) for those ladies who are more pear-shaped than zucchini-shaped.

    Crochet the equivalent of knit-short-rows in both the two front panels and one or two times in the back panel, to form wedges of additional fabric at the bottom of the garment.

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  9. Lovelies by Leah

    Loving this pattern & piece!
    I am seriously considering taking a stab at breaching the conversion chart to larger sizes, & adding sleeves. I’d imagined a long sleeve, with the wrist cuffed & buttoned complementary to the collar. Maybe even slightly belled!
    I’ve been pretty successful with para-crocheting in the past, but I don’t typically write my own patterns. For the purpose of R & D, & the repetitively unraveling elimination process of trial & error, I’ll usually make a rough draft for myself.
    Ultimately, I’d like to have everything worked out in time for Easter gifts; one for Mom (in a 3X with sleeves), & one for my little niece in the child size pattern (as written, unaltered).
    I prefer to hybrid similar works by the same designer for pattern customization. I find it saves time on settling in to anothers’ jargon or favored stitches. I’m also much more successful with gauge consistency/accuracy, & tend to rarely end up with “Bad Pattern Stew”.
    Does anyone have pattern suggestions for the sleeves or size conversion (on similar framework &/or similar stitching)? Preferable from this designer, but I’m open 🙂

    • Monika Andersen

      Leah, I advise caution regarding sizes. I speak from experience with this pattern. I’m on my *THIRD* try. I wear a large 16/18. I wanted mine to have a little ease to wear over a turtle neck, so I started with the XL. You could have got me and a small child in it! I frogged back to 2nd arm hole, made back smaller 4″ smaller as well as 3″ off the 2nd front. FINISHED….nope, the back still pooched out, I had to remove 5 more rows, again, made the front panel smaller, the first panel was still too big (it almost went under my arm pit)……..Sooooo, I’m on my THIRD try. Frogged all the way back to beginning of 1st arm hole. Making front panel 12″, back 16″, raising arm hole up closer to neckline, because following the large and xl made the collar so big it did not lay right.

      So…..I wear a large/xl, or 16/18), but in this pattern I have to make a MEDIUM. It’s a super easy pattern, but sizing isn’t accurate. Yes, I did a guage, yes my guage was consistent, I double, triple checked before frogging both times. I’m giving it a go ONE more time. It’s basically making me quit crochet/knitting clothes as designers don’t seem to want to give bust/hip measurements and it’s just plain getting redundant making this yet one.more.time.

      Good luck……

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  11. Do you have a picture of this laid flat?

  12. Monika Andersen

    Just checked Raverly, there you state your gauge is
    8 stitches and 5 rows = 4 inches. On this site you state: 8 stitches x 5 rows = 5cm x 5cm (roughly 2×2 INCHES). That’s quite a difference. I’m using the 5cm/2″ and it’s eating up my yarn quickly. Which guage is it, 2 inches or 4?

  13. Monika Andersen

    I’m just past the first sleeve, and conflict set in. QUESTION: is your sizing USA or UK? The sts are in USA terms, but your using cm measurements. There are no body measurements to go by. I’ve Googled and found UK size XL is an USA L. Could you please tell me the bust measurement for your Large and X-Large. Thank you.

  14. I was wondering how you mathematically determined the stitch count/CM for the sizes. I’m a larger women so I would need something in an XXL or XXXL.

    • Monika Andersen

      See my note below…I started the XL as I like a little “ease” in my clothes, especially when it’s worn over something. I started the XL and it may be more of an XXL (USA size). I’m a 42″ bust (again USA). Got to the first sleeve, tried on…it may be bigger than an XL. My guage is 8 sts=2″, using an F hook. I just hope when I’m finished its not too big, it’s a lot if sts, yarn, work to rip out and start over! Good luck

  15. I can’t find a large button like this one which I love! Any ideas? I’ve started this vest but can’t finish till I fyi nd a button! Thank you for this pattern!

  16. Question: so the back is 37 cm.. That’s arm hole to arm hole? Or start to 2nd arm hole?

  17. Love, love this vest! I would like to add sleeves to the vest. Do you have a pattern to add sleeves?

    • Hey, I don’t have a pattern to add sleeves, but if you take a look at the Ravelry project page there is at least one project with sleeves. Good luck!

  18. Doesn’t Scheepjes Stone Washed XL have 130 meters instead of 75 meters?

  19. How would it affect the pattern if I used two smaller buttons?

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  21. Hello, I love your model but what a shame I do not speak or read English even less to crochet … (even with the google translator) it is a shame because I really crack … it is beautiful

    • katia, your english sounds good to me! Can you follow a video even though it’s in english? There’s also a schematic with the measurements. think of it as a 2017 challenge!

  22. Thank you for this pattern. I just finished it. I made it for my sister her birthday is coming up. I made this with Caron Soft in Autumn Red, it’s beautiful, however this yarn is very soft so my collar doesn’t stand up like in your picture. I used your chart for size small. Because I Crochet loose it a tad larger then small.

  23. I made your vest for my daughter-in-law. Looks great. Thanks so much for sharing it. Made it in dark teal but in stead of a button I put a ring with a needle thru it for a closure, did the job well.

  24. I just finished the adult peek a boo button wrap and am extremely satisfied. It was a fun and accurate project. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern!

  25. This is an awesome vest project. Would I be Abel to use regular worsted/aran yarn that is all acrylic to create this project?

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  27. Please, i would like to know sizes for 3xl size

  28. WOW! It turned out even better than i thought it would with shaded yarn. 😀
    Pics on ravelry! YAY!
    Thanks for such a simple, lovely pattern!

  29. Hi! What size is the yarn that you used for this?

  30. Debbie Cranford

    I want to make this for my daughter-in-law. She is heavier but shorter than I am. I would like to know .. are the number of stitches first cast on, the length of the sweater from the top of the collar to the bottom of the sweater? If so, I don’t need to increase that when I increase the size of it to an xxl. TY

  31. Wow! Thank you for sharing! I’m still a beginner, but looking for projects to challenge myself a bit, and this might just be what I need. If it turns out well, it’s the perfect Christmas gift.

  32. This is my first attempt at a garment. I’m a couple rows past the first sleeve. Yay! Can you tell me more about how to block the wrap when I’m done? I’m using an acrylic yarn since that fits my budget. Thanks!

    • To be honest, blocking doesn’t make a lot of difference with acrylic yarn, so I would just pin it out, spray it with water and softener/wool wash and let it dry. Don’t use any heat otherwise you’ll ‘kill’ it. good luck!

  33. Hello
    I would like to make a wrap for a 2xl could you please help with the measurements. I love the wrap. Thanks Shelly

  34. Yes it does! Thanks so much for responding so quickly! And thanks for sharing this pattern! I rarely make things for myself, and I’m really excited to finish this one for ME!

  35. I love this pattern, but I’m hoping you can clarify the sleeve instructions for me. For size medium, the written pattern says to start the sleeve at 20 stitches and then chain 35 and skip 35 stitches, then pick up the FLO/BLO sequence. However, in the chart, it says that the sleeve ends at stitch 35, which would only make the chain length 15 stitches (10cm), not 35 stitches. Maybe I’m just misreading it, but if you could clarify that for me, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Nelissa! I was just double checking, and the stitch count in the chart means how many stitches you need to make, not the total amount that you’ve crocheted thus far, if that makes sense. So you start the sleeve by crocheting 20, you ch 35, and skip 35. You should continue in stitch 55 from the top. I hope that helps?

  36. This is weird… I saw you lovely design this morning (on Facebook, shared by the Crochet Lady). I happened to work on a similar project, also in March/April 2015 and also published a free pattern on my blog;
    Even the colours match (almost). Maybe we’ve shared the same brainwave :-))

    • What a lovely vest you designed! It’s really funny that we had a similar idea around the same time. Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic? She talks about this amazing phenomenon, and also her theory on how ideas fly around from one person to another if we don’t act on them at that time. It’s a wonderful book!

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  38. Shelly Neiman

    I love the pattern, started working on it. I would like to add sleeves to this pattern. Do you think it can be done? And if so , how do I do this? Maybe you have another pattern with sleeves?
    Thank you so much for this lovely pattern.

  39. Can you get this pattern free in knitting also

    • Hi Connie, sorry for not replying sooner, I’ve been away. Right now there is only a crochet pattern for this, it hadn’t occurred to me to make a knitted version to be honest!

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  41. Would it work to do a larger size for the front than the back? I’d like to make sure it will sit over my bust nicely.

    • Hi Vicki, sorry for the late response, I completely missed your comment!

      You can absolutely make the front larger than the back – just add rows and adjust the placement of the button hole to where it fits best for your body. Be sure to fit the garment as you go so you know what looks best and feels most comfortable.

      Does this help? X

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  43. What a gorgeous design! Please post a photo / diagram of the wrap laid out flat as I’m using a much thicker wool and bigger hook and need to adapt the pattern.

  44. I have had a couple of my students ask to use this pattern for a class? I would love your permission!!
    Super fun & simple, thanks so much for making it available!

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  47. Madeleine Belanger

    Can you knit this pattern

  48. Thank you – that does help. I will give it a go and let you know

  49. Hi I love the wrap and want to try it in some beautiful 8 ply wool. Do you know if Stonewash XL is the equivalent of 8 ply? Different websites state different things – one says 12 ply another equivalent to worsted weight (8 ply) and another lightweight (4 ply). Hence I am very confused

    • Hi Bronwyn, the stonewashed XL is really a worsted weight is say. What I recommend is working up a couple of swatches to see how you go with gauge. Then while working the wrap, follow the measurements rather than the stitch count. Does that help? Keep me posted!

  50. Michelle Heatherly

    I made your beautiful vest in ” Crafters Secret” yarn in color 101 Brown Mulit. I’d love to share a picture if the finished project with you.

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