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Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl Reveal and How To

Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl - free pattern available from

It’s here!  Last week I was showing you the gorgeous Scheepjes Vinci yarn that I was working with, and this week here’s the result!  A beautiful crochet brioche cowl that has barely left my neck since it was completed.

Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl - free pattern available from

I even had to take a selfie or two at the top of a mountain!

Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl - free pattern available from

It was so cold up there, I needed that cowl let me tell you!

One of the cool things about this cowl, and what the photos don’t really show you (except that top one up there) is that the cowl is reversible!  So, if you prefer vertical colour stripes like I do, you wear it that way, but if you’re more into horizontal, just flip it over and you have a totally different accessory.

So, let’s get down to business.  I’ve created a pdf of the pattern for you.  The pattern also has a photo tutorial on how to do the crochet brioche stitch.  What would you think about possibly seeing a video tutorial?  Should I finally dip my toes in and make one?  Let me know in the comments.

As always, please do share your projects with me on social media.  You know I’m all over Instagram like a bad smell, so tag me @miss__neriss (that’s with two “_”) and also use the hashtag #obsessedwithcrochet.  This is a little community I’m going to build, with more info coming soon…

Click the heading below to be taken to the pattern, and I hope you enjoy!!

Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl Pattern Free Download

Chunky Crochet Brioche Cowl - free pattern available from

Don’t forget: you can pick up the yarn at Scheepjes retailers all over the Benelux, or internationally from Deramores, Wool Warehouse, and at Paradise Fibers in North America!

More New Yarn!!!

Just when my yarn room couldn’t get any more full, Scheepjes goes and releases a brand new  yarn.  TWO new yarns, in fact!

Alpaca Rhythm and Mohair Rhythm, all named for our favourite dances

I’m totally in love with these laceweight yarns, all my favourite colours are there.  I think my absolute favourite is Lindy, but the Foxtrot is a close second!

Because the yarns are the same colours and weight, they can be combined perfectly.  But do remember, know what you’re going to make before you start – mohair is not easy to frog, so  you don’t want to waste any of this precious, precious yarn!

New Scheepjes Alpaca and Mohair Rhythm yarns New Scheepjes Alpaca and Mohair Rhythm yarnsI was playing around with my favourite colour combinations and suddenly the Dutch flag popped out at me! New Scheepjes Alpaca and Mohair Rhythm yarns

And I really love the Disco, Robotic and the Charleston together, who’d have thought those three dances would work…

New Scheepjes Alpaca and Mohair Rhythm yarns

I was very lucky to receive these yarns from Scheepjes directly, and the yarns will all be available very soon at Scheepjes retailers all over the Benelux, or internationally from Deramores, Wool Warehouse, and Paradise Fibers in North America.

My Favourite Day: Yarn Day!

As you will have seen last week I shared the pattern for my Flopsy Bunny using the Scheepjes Catona, and I enjoyed working with it so much I was struck with more ideas for cool designs, so I immediately jumped on the order machine (laptop) to pick out some colours.  I decided to go for two ranges – reds and greens.

Scheepjes Catona 17.08.50-1

Scheepjes Catona’m thinking apples.  Red Delicious and Granny Smith.

Now, I’d best get cracking.

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Home from Holidays and it’s Yarn Day!

I’m back!  I can’t say if I’m happy to be back home from my “Other” home or not, but one thing’s for sure, I’m very happy to find this huge pile of yarn waiting for me!

Scheepjes Stonewashed, do you think I have enough?

I have a really cool project in mind for all of this.  A while back my Mother in Law asked me if I could make her a vest for days and nights when it’s too warm for a coat and too cold without, so I’m working on something that I think will be great.

Big pile of Scheepjes Stone Washed.


The colour and texture of the Scheepjes Stone Washed XL is just perfect for this project, the colour variation adds interest, and the fluffiness adds serious warmth!  What do you think of the start?  I just couldn’t wait to crack on, so have been measuring and counting and doing what I can to beat the jetlag.

Stone Washed Body Warmer from Scheepjes yarn

I also chose these enormous coconut shell buttons, which will be both a feature and functional.

Huge coconut buttons

More progress photos to come, stay tuned!

PS.  If you’re looking for this yarn but don’t know where to find it, you can pick it up at loads of great retailers (in person or online) in the Netherlands here, or internationally from  Happy hunting!

Ombre Addict – Camera Strap

This ombre look is just the best. It started with me wanting that ombre hair effect, and it’s been slowly infiltrating my crochet designs more and more. The Bucketful of Sunshine hat is a great example. And so is Miniman’s Nursing Necklace.

Once I had finished The Miniman I noticed that I had a lot of yarn left over. Usually this wouldn’t bother me as there is always another project, but it seems that my yarn cupboard is completely full of left over yarn that will hopefully come in handy one day, so I just wanted to use it straight away, instead of effectively wasting it. And as I was on holiday I thought I would make a great holiday accessory – a camera strap!

As my photographer friend Rudi says, why give Canon free advertising? I’d been wanting to make one for ages, but hadn’t had the yarnspiration, but now with this leftover Cotton 8 from Scheepjes in ombre shades, I could really go to town!

Firstly though, I had to start with a square. But I had no internet on holiday, and hadn’t taken any pattern books with me to the south of France, so necessity being the mother of invention, I designed one!

Ombre Mini Granny square by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

I started with a circle, then turned it into a square and changed colour on each round. I thought that it would be a great colour combo for my husband (as it’s his camera and I’m not sure if he would really enjoy a hot pink or rainbow strap) so I made a bunch of them. Thirteen, infact. The finished square is 5.5×5.5cm (unblocked) and I single crocheted them all together in a row. On the back I made solid squares and joined those together, starting with the lightest blue at the outer ends and the darkest blue in the middle (so if it’s a really hot day the manly sweat won’t discolour the strap).

Mini Granny square by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

It was a great project to work on in the car on the way back – it distracted me from the mad French freeways!  And when I arrived home, my daughter was for once, very happy to model it for me!

Ombre Mini Granny square camera strap by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

Ombre Mini Granny square camera strap by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

Ombre Mini Granny square camera strap by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

Ombre Mini Granny square camera strap by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

Come back in a few days, I’ll have a tutorial of the square for you.

Ombre Mini Granny square camera strap by @missneriss. Check the free photo tutorial at

What is this Baby Project..?

So here it is.  A work in progress.  Wooden beads, blue yarn, what will it be?


I love working with this Scheepjes Cotton 8, it really is becoming one of my favourite yarns.  Although, for it to be perfect, it would be DK weight. I just like to use a bigger hook and heavier yarn, so projects work up quicker. But that’s just my instant gratification personality shining through!


I’m busy covering the wooden beads with the yarn.  In the past I’ve just made balls and stuffed them with filling, but the roundness was just lacking a bit, and by using a wooden bead it just adds the right amount of weight and shape.


And look who I caught trying to run steal one as I was taking pictures.  Isn’t that chubby little hand delicious?  No wonder she’s always covered in kisses and cuddles!

IMG_1847.JPGIt’s nearly finished and ready to be shipped to its new home in America, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the end result!



It’s Yarn Day!

I love it when yarn arrives.  It’s like Christmas.  All year round.  I get really upset if I miss the postie and there are no neighbours around to take in my packages and I have to trek to the post office the next afternoon to pick it up.  The anticipation is just too much for me to bear.

Here’s what’s arrived today.  More Scheepjes Cotton 8.  This time in blues instead of yellows.  Isn’t it beautiful?

The yarn matches my dress perfectly. #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #cotton8

I absolutely love this yarn.  It’s such a great cotton.  It’s soft and strong, and the perfect weight for baby projects.

Scheepjes cotton 8 waiting to be turned into something beautiful #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #cotton8

Scheepjes Cotton 8 #scheepjes #scheepjeswol #cotton8

So baby project it is!  But what?  You’ll just have to check back next week and see for yourself.  For now, the yarn has gone straight into my project box and to the top of the pile of my never-ending To Do list.

#Scheepjes #cotton8 yarn, straight into the project box.

Two Shawls in a Week?

I’m a bit late to the shawl game. I spent a long time making hats, scarves and amigurumis, and only really started making shawls a few months ago. Mainly because I just don’t have the patience for the big projects. But something has happened. Suddenly I finished two shawls within the space of a week! The first was a really quick project that I saw in a recent edition of Simply Crochet because I had some gorgeous Malabrigo Silky Merino that needed to become something, and the other was a Spring Shawl I promised to make my gran back in March!

Gran requested a shawl in blues and turquoise, and I found the perfect bamboo yarn by Turkish brand Alize. The yarn is so incredibly soft and light and the drape is perfection. The weight is just perfect. It won’t slip of Gran’s shoulders and will be perfect for the chilly evenings as summer approaches in South Australia.  I wonder if I can use Perfect in a sentence again..?

The Spring Shawl in turquoise and blue, using Bamboo Batik by Alize. Pattern:
It’ll be lovely as a scarf too.

The Spring Shawl in turquoise and blue, using Bamboo Batik by Alize. Pattern:

Isn’t the colour gorgeous? The only superficial complaint I would have is that perhaps the colour change is a bit too regular. I can see that it’s not hand dyed yarn, but I think the colour blend is beautiful.

I found the yarn at which has a huge selection of yarns from Turkey, and has fantastic prices. I used a 4.5mm hook and the yarn has loads of stretch, so when I blocked it the shawl almost doubled in size. I started it back in March, but so many other projects got in the way it took six months to complete!

I have this habit of buying yarn for the sake of having beautiful yarn, so when I saw a shawl in a recent Simply Crochet edition I decided to give it a go to actually use some of it.

Limpe Pickle shawl on

I love design that works is way through, and the silky merino is really my favourite shawl yarn. I used a 4.5mm hook, and two full skeins of the Silky Merino. Before blocking the shawl was very small because my stitches are always so tight, so I really had to stretch it out while blocking. Now it has a lovely lavender aroma from the Eucalan I used.

Limpe Pickle shawl on

I’m not too sure what to do with it though. I already have more scarves than I can possibly wear, so I might put this one in my Etsy store. It’s a bit too soft though, I don’t really want to part with it.

Stash Storage

A couple of weeks ago I shared an image of my creative workspace, and how it is slowly taking over our living room and this last week I needed to find a colour for a project I’m working on and this happened:

Yarn pouring out of the cubpoard

It sparked a curiosity into how we all store our yarn.  I’ve of course seen a million Pinterest Perfect images, but how do we store it in real life, and not just for taking pictures for our #socalledfacebooklife.  So I’m sharing mine.

Here’s where I store my yarn:


Isn’t it just a beautiful cupboard?  I bought it from a friend with the intention of moving it upstairs to be a wardrobe for my daughter now that she has graduated from baby furniture, but it’s so heavy and a bit of a tight squeeze to get up the stairs that after an argument on the first morning my husband and I abandoned the idea.  It’s a deep corner cupboard and I just love it.

Meanwhile, here’s what my stash looked like last week:

stash1 Not particularly organised, is it.  Every few months I go through and sort it all out, but as the collection grows (and grows) I don’t seem to be able to keep on top of it.

I had a bit of a tidy up last week, so here’s how it looks today:

stash2 Better.  Not great, and not ideal, but better.  Ideally I’m going to update an upstairs storage room into a craft/escape room.  Right now it’s my husband’s computer room, but he rarely uses it any more, so I’d like to add shelving and a nice workspace for us both to be able to use.  It’s one of those never-ending discussions though.  He has a desk that was his fathers and made by his grandfather that he’s very attached to, but I hate.  Not because it’s ugly, but because it doesn’t fit the space *at all* but he won’t part with it.

So until the desk issue is resolved, here’s how my yarn will have to stay.  I store it by brand and weight.  I love the pretty pictures of the colours all being together, but I need to know how much of one yarn I have.  Everything is in zip lock bags and perched on top of one another in the cupboard, ready to topple at any moment.  Kind of like my life, I guess.

How do you store your yarn?  I’d love to see, post some pics to my Facebook page!  Do you have any ideas how I can improve this, bearing in mind that it’s a corner cupboard, so is a triangular shape?

Project Monday

This is what I’m up to this week.  Can you guess what it’s going to be?